Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tragic Sam Party Game

A great party game that will quickly become a tradition is Tragic Sam!

Dim the lights or use a candle or have guests close their eyes (but it makes it hard to write) before beginning your story, the goal is that you guests will Create a story about Tragic Sam who apparently died in an accident and the CSI (Crime Scene Investigators) need your help to identify the remains found at the scene.

The CSI team has placed what they found of what they believe Sam in these. Rumors on the street are that Tragic Sam faked his own death, but we are not so sure, so we are going to have you investigate the remains so we can solve this mystery.

Now pass them around and tell people to put their hands in the bag and write down what they think the item actually is, NO PEEKING!

Think is believed to be Sam’s brain – (cooked spaghetti or cooked cauliflower)
His heart (peeled tomato)
His eyes (peeled grapes)
We found his teeth scattered around the floor (un-popped popcorn)
His fingers (baby carrots)
His liver (slice Spam in a weird shape) .

When you are done you can have your guests turn in their answers and score who did the best. The one with the most right wins. Basically, you can make the story as gross as you want or tame. This one is great for creeping people out lol.

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