Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zombies Rising Party Game

What you will need

> Sunglasses for everyone playing

Object of the game

> To convert as many people as possible to your side before the time is up!


> When it got dark we played zombie rising! Its hide and seek in the dark but the the seeker was a zombie. If he caught you he infected you and you had to help him search for the others. Sounds too easy but there is a catch. You have one hour to play but the zombies where the dark lol.

> If the humans can sneak up on a zombie and take their glasses off, the zombie becomes human and hides again. Another catch, the zombies are not allowed to touch their sunglasses. So they cant hold them on and make it harder.

> Gaurenteed that people will want to keep playing even after the time is up!

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